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History, Evolution and Journey of Electronic Cigarettes

The idea of Electronic cigarettes was first proposed by Joseph Robinson in 1927.

Herbert A Gilbert is designated as the creator of a model similar to today’s electronic cigarette. He created a prototype of the device in 1963 and  patented it in 1965, but failed to commercialise it.

In 1979, Phil Ray along with his personal physician Norman Jacobson created the first variation of commercialised e-cigarette. When the device proved to be faulty, the inventors coined the new term ‘vape‘.

In 2003, the first ever commercially successful e-cigarette was invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. Losing his father to lung cancer and himself being a chain smoker, Lik urged to change his fate. This led to the invention of the first e-cigarette the world has ever witnessed. Later the company he worked for developed the device and named it “Ruyan” which means  “Like smoke”. E-cigarettes were introduced to America in 2007.

It marked just the beginning, the following years found various companies including Vape Monkey Mexico, researching, designing, and manufacturing a diverse variety of e-cigarettes and related products.

How Vape Monkey Mexico revolutionized the Mexico Vape market

It’s a known fact for centuries that the prolonged use of tobacco devastates the oral health of the user. But the users relied more on its addiction than quitting it. But the present generation out stood their ancestors by being more conscious about the health of both them as well as the world around. A surge in social and digital media brought awareness about the hazardous effects of cigarette smoking among them. To counter the harmful impact and evolve with a healthier substitute, Vape Monkey Mexico has led from the front in the nation.

Even though the efficiency of vaping has been proved, the availability of vape shops with authentic products and trustworthy brands was comparatively low. People raised a demand for high grade e-juices, vaporizers, hardwares and other vape accessories in Mexico. Vape Mexico undertook this challenge in the Mexican Vape market and established a comprehensive solution.

Vape Monkey: Your One Stop Vape Shop

Are you planning to explore the tantalized senses of tobacco smoking by switching from cigarette smoking to regaining your respiratory health? Or are you expertized vaper mastered in cloud chasing researching new techniques? Regardless of who you are and what you intent, our Vape Shop is a one stop destination to meet all your vaping desires.

You can rely on us for any vaping assistance. We have a collection of almost every vaping hardware along with a wide range of delectable flavours that you drool for.

  Integrating demands using technology

The demands and preferences of each human are as unique as their DNA. A wide range of innovations in the vaping industry that caters to the requirements of any type of vapers in Mexico was possible through technological advancement. Sophisticated vaporizers with advanced control panels to regulate temperature, level and strength of e-juice are available in the Mexican Vape market.  For beginners who converted recently from tobacco smoking, vaping devices that can simulate a sensation of smoking are available. The user can designate the range of resistance to heat by choosing the type of metal with which the components of atomizers are built. The taste of e-juice enhances with a higher resistance. 

Vape Monkey Mexico has always thrived in the Mexican Vape Industry by providing customers with a list of vaping devices with congenial designs, colors and built quality. The diverse assortment of vape juices available in Vape Monkey Mexico makes you a zealous fan of our flavorful collection. We upgrade our inventory with the latest trends constantly ensuring a platform where you could access the best vape devices in Mexico.

How is vaping a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking?

A satisfying feel attained with the strong hit after delivering the nicotine to the bloodstream of the respiratory system, is the prime motive of every smoker around the globe. This effect constantly urges a chain smoker to smoke. Vaping helps people quit smoking. Because, use of nicotine patches or gums mostly ends up with little addiction. A study found out that long term smokers who switched to vaping were halfway towards achieving the vascular health of a non-smoker within a few months. Also, second hand vapor isn’t dangerous thus proving harmless to the people around you.

Hence, Vaping is an ingenious alternative to smoking. This life saving practice has proved effective in regaining the health of heavy smokers to a greater extent.